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Kia ora, are you finding your whakapapa or family history research challenging, feeling like you're striking a pohutukawa (brick wall) and unable to track an elusive ancestor? They might have set sail, venturing to Aotearoa (New Zealand) to carve out a fresh existence. Herein lies the realm where I may be able to offer assistance.

Ko ahau ko David Jack, known to many as Jacko. Armed with a Master of Science qualification in genealogy and rooted in the heart of the South Island of Aotearoa, I have honed my expertise in unravelling complex family histories. My work has stretched across numerous horizons, boasting successful DNA research case studies from not only Aotearoa, but also Australia, the United States, and Great Britain.

My driving passion lies nestled in the intricate research of Māori whakapapa, delving deep into the lineage and ancestry of our people. Alongside this, I hold a keen interest in Scottish Clan oral history, a fascination that interweaves itself into my daily work. Together, let us navigate the winding paths of your family history, illuminating forgotten connections and discovering new links along the way.

Ko āku ratonga, ka whakauruhia (My Services Include):-
Kōrero Whakapapa (Genealogical Research)
I provide comprehensive research into your specified ancestor(s), inclusive of their birth year, parents, earlier forebears (where records permit), and their place(s) of origin.

Whakataurite DNA (DNA Analysis)
- AtDNA (Autosomal/Admixture):
I offer consultation services on your atDNA results and provide assistance with the tools associated with autosomal DNA, which can enhance your genealogical research. This service extends to adoptees, providing aid in their search for biological parents through DNA testing.
- Y-DNA: My service includes analysis of your Y-chromosome DNA results, comprising of Y-STR and SNP test interpretations. I will also recommend strategies for any further testing required.

Rorohiko Whakapapa (Genealogical Computing)
This service covers installation and training in genealogy software on both Windows and Mac platforms, employing the use of Legacy, Reunion, or Family Tree Maker. I also offer website construction and hosting services tailored to genealogical pursuits.

Ngā Pūrākau Whānau (Family History Charts)
I create a range of family history charts and reports that are ideal for family reunions or as personal gifts.

Kōrero Tuku Iho (Oral History)
It's all too easy to overlook the wealth of family knowledge held by our parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. This invaluable oral history can often be lost when they pass. I offer services to help capture and preserve this knowledge. Please email me to learn how I can assist with this.
I apply three important principles to my clients work
- Excellent service to customers.
- High quality research.
- Ethical confidential practice.

See the Register of Qualified Genealogists professional code here.
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Office and archives are located at 17B Royal Arcade, Timaru, New Zealand. Plenty of parking nearby on Sophia Street.

17B Royal Arcade, Timaru


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