Are you hitting a brick wall in your family history research and lost an ancestor? They may have emigrated to New Zealand to start a new life. That's where I can possibly help. Hi, my name is David Jack, a MSc qualified genealogist based in the central South Island of New Zealand. My recent success stories using DNA include cases from New Zealand, Australia, USA, and Great Britain. My passion is Maori Whakapapa research and Scottish Clan oral history.

My Services Include:-
Genealogical Research
I will provide full research on a given ancestor(s), including information on their year of birth (parents & earlier forebears (depending on available records) and their places(s) of origin.

DNA Analising
- Autosomal/Admixture (atDNA) results consulting service. I offer assistance in the use of autosomal DNA results and the associated tools to assist with your genealogy. This includes assistance for adoptees in the search for their birth parents utilising DNA testing.
- Y-chromosome DNA results analysis. This includes interpretation of Y-STR and SNP test results coupled with strategies for further testing.

Genealogical Computing
Another of my services includes genealogy software installation & training (both in Windows and Mac) with either Legacy, Reunion or Family Tree Maker. Genealogical website construction & hosting.

Family History Charts
I construct a variety of family history charts and reports for occasions such as family reunions, or gifts.

Oral History
All to often we forget that our parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents hold vast amounts of knowledge about our families. Much of this oral history is gone forever when they have died. We offer to help capture this knowledge. Email me know about how I can help.

I apply three important principles to my clients work
- Excellent service to customers.
- High quality research.
- Ethical confidential practice.

See the Register of Qualified Genealogists professional code here.
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